In any case, do not expect to enjoy using any of them. I found some information on this page http: Facebook Twitter More Reddit Tumblr. Now I have a 2. Sorry for bothering you again. Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I mean, was a TRS tip, ring, sleeve with nothing being connected to the tip?

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When you say “. Anyway – the dealer has informed me that within 10 days I can return the radio then receive full refund of my money.

I found the trick that nobody told me neither the Alinco manual. Facebook Twitter More Reddit Tumblr.

I mean, was a TRS tip, ring, sleeve with nothing being connected to the tip? I had to resort to a Windows XP box to make anything work reliably. I cannot stop it. And furthermore the OPC is the same as an CI-V interface cable if you swap the tip and center conductor or if your CI-V cable has just a mono plug you just have to wire up an adapter to connect Sleeve toegether and connect the CI-V Tip to the new plug’s Ring tip will be disconnected.

Notify me of new posts by email. Yes, that is correct, you are not using the Tip at all. Low and behold it worked with the remote software and cloning software just as poorly as before. Sorry for bothering you again.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This has slowed down the review a bit.

Alinco Erw-8 USB Interface Cable for Dj-x11 | eBay

Doing battle with the DJ-X11 I dragged my Alinco DJ-X11 out again to play with a new project and for some reason decided it was a good time to update the firmware. The connector is rew standard 3.

And they were drunk at the time. Now I have a 2.

So, probably I will! Hi Tom Great job. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. However, for the cost difference, they need to be a lot better. Even then using the ERW-7 I bricked the unit on my first update run and had to do the restore, which worked after a while although was very slow.

If any reader can recommend a non-factory manual or link where I can get usable info ]]] then I will send them a check for 99 Zillion bucks yesterday! As far as making the the ERW-8, yes, assuming your USB cable has the same color code it is a standard but who knows with all the cheap far east cables around it should work just fine.


I read the manual – it’s giving the general function of controls only! Enough ramblings for tonight.

Alinco Erw-8 USB Interface Cable for Dj-x11

A replacement frw being sent that should arrive this week. I’ve actually carved up several USB cables for various projects and never found one with a non-standard color code. If you already own an ERW-8 and bricked your DJ-X11 during a firmware update you could also just make an adapter cable using a 3.

Was your stereo connector a 3 poles one right? Thanks Alinco for not mentioning this little detail in Section of the manual!

Alinco ERW8 USB Interface Cable DJ-X11 – Nevada Radio

The ERW-8 plugs into the desktop charger and allows for full pc control of the DJ-X11 while it is in the desktop charger. However, on first blush it appears that Alinco could have a hit on their hands.

Built using WordPress and the Mesmerize Theme. The price point is very agressive for an all mode wideband receiver. This corrects two issues that you may run into pretty quickly.