I tried all the fixes mentioned above but nothing worked. Man what a lot of issues for Belkin N Dongles. Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Feb 15th, However, as I said above, I’ve tried a clean install of Windows twice , which would negate the possibility of older drivers causing issues for newer devices.

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All slots are full – board is running SLi. Thanks you for your post. You can right-click on the driver and then choose Uninstall from the menu to remove the drivers for that old hardware. Windows 7 Ultimate x Then you may want to check and see if your old drivers for the old hardware actually got removed. There is only one driver release available from Belkin, and I’ve tried downloading it multiple times to hopefully rule out corrupted download.

Airport or another card? Also as with the Belkin, uninstalling the USB host controller entry will allow the Linksys dongle to start working normally. After entering the WPA password it worked like it should have right out of the box. Oct 19th, Routers and adapters are the number one returned items to the big electronic stores. Is there an available PCI Express slot where you could use an internal wireless card? Everything went pretty smooth. Belkin only supports version 3xxx of the card with their software.


Originally Posted by jrdnmrgtc found a solution which i just did and it works!! Find the setup file and right click on it, then click Troubleshoot Compatibility. In any case, I doubt it’s a problem with the specific dongle in question, as a the dongle works perfectly on other Windows 7 machines b other dongles that work perfectly on other Win7 machines belkkin exactly the same problem behaviour on the board in question c bekkin dongle works perfectly on the board in question when USB host controller entry is bwlkin d other dongles also start working perfectly once the USB host controller entry is uninstalled.

Error Code 10 is a hardware failure error code. You end up having to pull the dongle out just to reboot.

Are there drives for Belkin N Wireless USB Adapter model # F5D – Microsoft Community

On reboot Windows popped up the normal installing device dialogue, showing that it was installing drivers for the USB host controller and the wireless dongle. Not far from here. Have you tried other USB devices on the build besides mouse and keyboard?

How can Belkin sell this stuff with no warning that one will have problems with Windows 7? Have you tried removing the Belkin driver suite from your PC, uninstalling the Belkin driver, then reboot and allow Windows Updates to supply a driver for the wireless device? I tried another reboot – problems returned.

Belkin F5D Ver tt is what I have, and no 7 drivers on their web site. To check and see if you have old drivers for non-present hardware and then uninstall them; you must set a flag for device manager from the cmd box.


Lets see what happens After you do that, do the following: The tutorials and the content is amazing, you can now delete the Belkin folder from the Program Files since it is totally useless after you’ve copied the Vista 64 drivers from it, belkin F5D n wireless USB adaptor Windows, this page contains information about installing the latest Belkin Wireless, welcome to Windows 7 Forums.

Belkin wireless card in a Lombard.

Mind-bogglingly weird networking issue with P55V

I know MS has approved some versions Support F5D Wireless G Notebook Card – Driverbut even after installing the drivers and restarting the machine multiple times, neither the power indicator or the network indicator will light up, and the card remains undetected. Interesting you mention 2. Hi ive got windows 7 belkon.

Then click run this program with these settings or whatever the specific options is and it should work.