For example, on a par 3 that was y with a slight headwind, y without wind is a normal 9 iron with my current gamer, that with the headwin, i decided to go for a knock down 9 iron. At least 2deg noo problem. I already have a udi 2i and am too cheap to buy a 1i to replace it. Captain Bondo, on 27 June – The loft and bounce are fixed. Any knowledge on the subject would be appreciated. My advice when that happens is to take a break from the numbers analysis and simplify the swing motion — THEN go back and check the numbers in a week or two.

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Would bending it serve the same result? One of them was during a handshake. I was wondering if bending my irons 1 to 2 degrees strong at a golf shop will change the playability of the AP2s.

Why do you want low launching low spin shots with your scoring clubs? This thread is days old. You are also all correct in that it is a long iron. Im not saying that I think everyone should do it but I was taught golf by a pretty oldschool guy a former combat medic during WW2 to be exact and Ive always liked the practice.

Just know that by strengthening your loft by 2 degrees you will lose 2 degrees of bounce.


Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. March 2, Last active: The question becomes, how much can I bend a forged PW dloft breaking it? Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts!

How to deloft the club with an iron

M2 Driver 9. Register a new account. And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts?

Newest Member Brandon Pierce Joined 6 hours ago. Several functions may not work. As long as the grip and posture start off well, the lead arm remains deoft, and you let the wrists unhinge freely through the strike, you should see improvement. There is no way possible with the current level of quantum physics we’re at in our lives that you can bend a wedges loft and not affect bounce.

Will I be digging too much?

Can I bend my irons strong? – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

Sign up for a new account in our community. It depends on several factors including as mentioned above how steep your swing is and if you are a “digger” or “picker”. If possible, it is wise to consult a fitter or your local PGA Pro to determine what will be best for your individual game.

Many amateurs grip the club too lightly, then squeeze harder throughout the swing. Delkft go more than 2 degrees when making adjustments.


How much can you bend a wedge’s loft? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Share this post Link to post Share on other delft. StumpnavI know I’m late to the party, but is it an option to just continue using your Jaws 52 until you get the iron set that has the AW? Register a new account. Yeah, you can bend them strong and not notice the difference in terms of look.

I would check my loft and lie specs about once a month in the shop. I’m not a certified club tech though so make of this what you may. Brian Peck 27 years old. The only way you would see a difference is if xan put them side by side with another set of Ap2’s that are not bent.

Posted January 1, Losing or adding degrees of bounce is a big deal. Do you guys have advice for delofting the club I do release the club as my ball flight now is a medium draw.