Also since you’re new to this it sounds like, there are a few ‘official’ ways to play IIDX. Use Hz on PC, the reporting time is 4ms. Description Features Shopping Guide. I also have a broadcasting video monitor Very high end CRT, runs p , should I use that instead of my gaming monitor? Support turntable perfectly On LR2;. If it can be placed on your lap then seems like a perfect size!

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I’ll grab a picture for you. Love green, tp7 the mismatch is fucking me up. Use Hz on PC, the reporting time is 4ms. That’s just my 2 cents and I wish I had done that from the start.

DJ Dao FP7

If you have any more questions please cjdao free to ask me! I don’t mind spending extra fp if it’s worth it. I’ve used both for a while and it’s horrible compared to a real table. Yeah I never liked the EZ2DJ style anyways, what I meant to say here is pirating arcade iidx is practically the only way I’ll ever be able to play the arcade version, otherwise I have to travel.


I can put it on my lap with no issue.


This is the 20g pack of Searching for an arcade near you? I mean, I don’t know why anyone dndao invest that much money in a controller and then not save up just a little bit more for the exact same dimensions as the arcade.

Don’t listen to him. Support turntable perfectly On LR2. Duno why LR2 never feels appealing to me though. Ah, well that sucks. How do you recommend I practice 7k? Will look fpp7 it. Runs really smooth so can’t complain there.

Yeah, then LR2 is your best bet. I did green keys with a white TT, and I don’t know if I’m sold on it anymore. My account Sign in Djdoa account. The FP7 can be configured with omrons and Sanwas.

If you upgrade to Sanwa they will come default with g springs. The pirated route is literally being able to play the exact arcade games on your PC since IIDX and most arcade games run on simple Windows F;7 so for a lot of people that’s hard to pass up if they don’t have access to an Arcade.

If I don’t like it I might try and get into Infinitas then.


Played DJMax Djvao for a while now, maybe years. It’s just so weird to me right now, not planning to buy a PEE until I’m decent enough, but will do eventually: There’s no one size-fits-all set-up unfortunately. What’s the difference between them other than size of the actual thing and the turntable?

Just looked and even the Real Edition doesn’t come default with Sanwas or Omrons.

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I posted this in a reply, but the most common arcade setups gp7 days can be found here: Silver backing would look good in all white, or all the same color, tbh. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I bought the FP7 thinking that it would be perfect, but then when I played at the arcade the difference between the sizing really mattered.