Mathias Lykkegaard Lorenzen 6, 17 70 Thanks to hanzolo, I looked in the output window and found the following: I had a similar problem to this, but it was the result of spaces in the folder names. Application use Command line arguments, I removed them and then added them back. Is it possible that the PATH environment variable gets lost somehow?

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When you use quotation marks like so: GregC 6, 2 39 That way you prevent having to modify the solution files. ErikE 33k 13 Error Code means error file not found.

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However, in my case providing the command with its full path solved the issue: Denis Barmenkov 2, 1 12 Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Although jesse makes a good point about not having line breaks in the middle of an xcopy command, note that in the general case it is valid to have line breaks in this field; each line should be interpreted as its own command. In my case in the msbuild script. You need to make sure you have installed grunt globally.


But in my case it was also intermittent. This will fail on x; build servers: You can work around this by quoting the paths, thus allowing spaces.

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I had this happen when a tool that creates a database to be included in a wixproj was listed after the wixproj. Radomir Szewczyk 1 2.

If there was a way to view the env variables from inside VS I could confirm this. What worked for me was d, the windir environment variable to c: A command in my post-build worked when I built the project locally, but failed when it was built on the build server. The same package includes a content catalog, listing all the available hardcovers and modules.

Also as mentioned on the comments to this post, if there are spaces in full path, then one needs quotation marks around the command. It should be placed before any other command. I had to xo an entry to my Path environment variable.

Note that episode is not a play-session: If so, how much would it be? Travis Vroman 32 8.

Personally, I think the question “what is MSBuild error ? Despite the packaging, Lost Mine of Phandelver counts as a hardcover.


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So, let’s try to infer the problem?

With such a malformed path variable, I was unable to run XCopy at the command line no command or file not foundand Visual Studio refused to run post-build step, sm error with code To that add a check for the existence of the executable on your system at all. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.