The example seems to gather data points between Hz and Hz, then data points between Hz and Hz and then data points between Hz and Hz. It does not give the data. What can I do to have higher data acquisiton speed? Once I set the list up with the program I can make it run through the list by doing it manually. Instrument specific questions might get an answer here from someone with current experience but you should also check with Agilent, especially if you can’t do the test manually. I’ve had a chance to look at the example a bit more closely now. Message 1 of 8.

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Message 4 of The other is an IVI driver and you are probably missing the compliance package or haven’t configured it correctly in MAX if you are trying to use the class driver. What exactly are you trying to measure.


Agilent/Keysight EA Fixed Sweep VI – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

There are only two ways to tell somebody thanks: Message labfiew of Message 5 of 5. The labview program never seems to run the all the frequencies, just one.


After the fact, you can then request all of the recorded samples.

Message 3 of Message 2 of 8. Why are you continuing to ask questions. I connected the device to the labview. It does not give the data. One option is for you to look at the programming manual for the instrument and see what command or series of commands need to be sent to make the instrument go through the list. Judging by the VI icons, I would say you are not.

Sory but I am not a senior labvirew programmer. Message 8 e49980a In page you can find a useful graph and a detailed analyze Thank you for your reply.

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Message 3 of Thanks for you help. But i have problems with input and output of these vi’s. Message 7 of 8.

It’s been labveiw long time since I did anything with the meter and I don’t have one anymore. Have you had a look at the Read Measurement List Sweep example?


The instrument has to interpret the data, react to it, and then send data back. I used probes for debugging.

I can not find the reason. Why can’t I have Hz speed now and how can I reach this limit? The array consists of numbers and text like:.

Example Programs

All the frequencies get stored into the list, but it will not then run through the list. Once I set the list up with the program I can make it run through the list by doing it manually.

Message 5 of Most Active Hardware Boards: Message 4 of Can’t see what is wrong without looking at the code. A frequency sweep from F1 to Fn then obtain 2 different output such as C and R for each frequency using Agilent E driver vi’s.