Successfully fallback to Xorg [with nvidia-prime 0. Experienced the lag when typing as mentioned before. However, I’ve noted that the GUI rendering sometimes is slow and or kind of buggy. It may take a second reboot to bring up Xmir. Join Date Sep Beans 1.

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Originally Posted by FFighter. August 22nd, 3. I did not tick Install Third Party Software.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

After changing cards between Intel and Nvidia have to reconfigure graphics in recovery mode window. Please order by model alphabetically. Mir Status as of 8 Dec – no proprietary driver support dependent on 3rd parties bug report? Regression is present since linux kernel 4.

Experience normal for a development ISO image. I just wanted to put up an add-on post for details here. Colours are especially bad when ontel the same video file in Windows 7.

If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the tag: If you have a propreitary graphics driver e. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


Mobility Radeon HD Ubuntu 0. That being said, it is always recommend to install it when the end user is using an Intel Graphics cards. Join my Robin Hood band!

If I can get compiz running this thing its going to be better than Vista appearance wise too. Tell Adobe you do care integraed Linux’s Flash Player! Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise. August 22nd, 1. We can’t say anything for certain until it actually gets released.

How to determine success or failure Now run your system with XMir enabled and test it is running with: If I had known how much Vista sucks and how much Linux mobipe come along, I would have looked for a computer that ships with Linux with all drivers working out of the box.

The platform is stable and applications load and run as they should.

Mir Graphics Card Testing

See full activity log. Seems to work well, but after some hours of usage started seeing the “input-latency problem” in some apps, solved for some minutes by relogin; random gaming seems to be ok, mir didn’t crash under “heavy usage” it was slow as hell though! Unity works very well on this Dell Dimension GeForce SE nForce Same bug here, with Ubuntu To participate with this testing simply install Mir either in the Ubuntu archive as outlined on http: I find though if I change the monitor resolution it temporarily works until I restart.


Originally Posted by Flyingjester. September 7th, 5. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. In total it is seconds that are lost in these timeouts during boot, more than 3 minutes! However, I’ve noted that the GUI rendering sometimes is slow and or kind of buggy. Please test the latest v4.