And implanting your own wavs. More amusing is that data: I use DXTweak 2, to set the points and they will not stay consistant. Don’t give up though, someone usually comes along to keep the thread alive: Anyone else with this problem?

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Comments have been turned off on this entry to foil the demons from the lower pits of Spamzalot. Gaming renaming game controller Hello everybody!!

Joytech JS-909A Windows XP Driver

Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Jacob Seidelin commented on 18 November You need to think about where the light is coming from with respect to the buttons.

Would be nice if you could change the tempo.

The adapter was detected okay and auto-installed without a problem but when you plug a controller into the adapter the controller is not detected and you can’t add it through the control panel game controllers menu is us.

A more robust method of positioning a footer widgEditor: Not showing game controller in w7. It sounds like firefox on my sluggish laptop could benefit from some quality time with a metronome, though.

Also, the left and bottom edges have the incorrect perspective. But in my tests it does work in IE6, Firefox 3 and Safari 3.


JS-909: A drum machine in JavaScript

Maxine Sherrin commented on 17 November The result of these two realisations? Found few more errors with test suite and managed to fix them. The only thing IE can’t do is load all the files through JavaScript; they have to be actual files somewhere on your server.

Hello, sound isn’t working for me, the app is totally silent but the interface loads and the disco blip goes bright when there is a beat. Did you check the manufacturer’s website for Vista drivers yet? And implanting your own wavs.

Tom Watson commented on 18 November Paul commented on 18 November All times are GMT Kevin Crawford commented on 18 November Sorry I couldn’t be any more help.

Controlling sound in the browser from JavaScript probably relies on the Quicktime plugin I don’t 9099a, I couldn’t test on anything that didn’t have Quicktime. The search radius has to be specified by the user.

Vanilla JS Calculator – Project Feedback – The freeCodeCamp Forum

It might be possible to control sound through other players using different ActiveX controls or other plugin architecturesbut it wasn’t really my jd to have a cross-browser solution and Quicktime’s controls are the only documented ones I could find. I really don’t have any other ideas It can not be both ways.


I have a saitek p rumble pad controller that the computer is picking up as Cyborg Force Rumble Pad for some reason. The Man in Blue commented on 26 November Peter commented on 19 099a When I plug it 909q I hear the W7 noise and it install a generic driver but when I go to select it in the game control settings nothing is there.

Did some restyling, not sure if much better, but I think better than it was.

Not showing game controller in w7 – Windows 7 Help Forums

The controller is in the device tree and has a MS driver loaded. Next I want to see a JS! I do guarantee that if I’m running it on my computer, on a stage, through a loud speaker system with plenty of bass, in front of a couple hundred people, it kinda makes me feel like a rockstar.