Do it manually through Device Manager. Originally posted by redleader: Feb 15, Posts: Yea, I’m really leaning towards a driver issue too. It allows you to select the following FSB combo’s: I told her to run the setup CD and go from there.

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Well, Thanks for all the help and advice. ECS drivers page Thanks again, and if anybody has a problem hsb this board, feel free to send me an E-Mail, I’ll help you out.

Sat Feb 15, 1: Joined Oct Age 47 Posts Thu Feb 13, 3: It uses the same k7d5a as the orginal K7s5a. After about 4 more hours I managed to get everything set up.

I had a printer plugged into one and the controller kept disabling itself soon as I installed the drivers.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Feb 15, Posts: HP printer Win XP compatible isn’t detected. Fri Feb 14, 3: FileSharer, IIRC you have to use the add hardware wizard and point to the directory where the sound drivers reside when prompted.


I’m putting an AMD 1. Use the Taiwain Site http: The included manual is in readable english, unlike the broken english in the orginal k7s5a manual. The or was it ? Primus Augustus Ars Praetorian Registered: We replaced the motherboard and same scenario.

Yea, I’m really leaning towards a driver issue too. So it stays enabled all the time. Im having some issues here.

Did your driver disk include the updated XP drivers? Im getting one next week!! It loads something onto the HDD, but it sure as hell ain’t a working.

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I never tried to use the on-board audio, I disabled it before I installed Windows ECS Web-Site is useless, can’t even find this board on it. Its over 18 months old. That was the problem. Google for them, worked for me. Well, I just go this board but have j7s5a to install it.

What drivers did you install? My Happy Place Registered: Unplugged the printer and re-installed the drivers and then the controller started working fine Oh, and don’t goto www.


Mar 22, Posts: Sorry, no news yet. But otherwise the same as the K7s5a.