Precautions For Loading Paper Auto Copy Start Coated originals such as carbon-backed paper Up to 25 A4-size document pages can be scanned and stored in the memory at one time. Load the documents removed in step 2 back into the tray. Specifying The Setting For “density Level m Specifying The Setting For “paper Priority

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Original Glass is bright, it is not a laser beam and, therefore, minnolta not as dangerous. Follow the procedure described below to clear the misfed paper. Positioning Highly Transparent Originals Place a blank sheet of paper of the same size over the original. Loading Paper Into Tray2 optional The main copy settings available with this machine are listed below.

Reload konida paper removed in step 1. This will start the copy cycle. Use the supplies and consumables recommended by the dealer.

Konica Minolta 7416CG User Manual

Page Control panel Grab both sides of the paper, and then carefully pull out the sheet of paper. Page of Go. Note The paper length can range from mm to mm.


Installation Precautions Power Source The power source requirements are as follows. Paper Feed Cassette Pf Laser Safety Label A laser safety label is attached to the outside of the machine as shown below. Text formatted in this style provides additional assistance.

The following reports and lists can be printed. Specify the desired copy settings.


ERROR Paper tray Paper size Check the paper tray that has run out of paper, and then supply paper according to the following procedures. Transporting The Machine Keep all supplies out of the reach of children. Keep all supplies out of the reach of children. Making Copies Making Copies To Select The “user Management” Menu If the optional Paper Feed Cassette is installed, a konca of copies can be continuously printed. Grab both sides of the paper, and then pull it out upward.

When The Message “machine Trouble” Appears If the message shown below appears, some machine malfunction has occurred. Oknica The Setting For “language Otherwise, manually adjusted reduction make a reduced copy with a ratio.


Care Of Machine Supplies Specifying The Setting For “tray1 Paper Replacing The Toner Cartridge Since the Imaging Cartridge can easily be damaged by light, exposing the cartridge to light for a long period of time will result in decreased image quality. When loading additional paper, remove any paper remaining in the drawer, place it on top of the new paper, and then align the paper in the stack well before loading it into the drawer.

Attach the drawer cover, and then return the drawer for Tray2 to its original position. Note Use only the toner that has been manufactured specifically for this machine. Selecting The “copy Setting” Menu