Leak current develop from condensation in the charging assembly. After A-D conversion, the image signal is returned by the ABC circuit, and judgement of the A-D conversion circuit output signal level takes place, the reference voltage is converted in accordance with the judgement results. Faulty adjustment of leading edge margin DC controller PCB 6 Is the trouble resolved when the leading margin adjustment procedures described on page are performed? When it is not possible to avoid this, advise the user to hang curtains on the window or take other measures to reduce the light. Multi-feeder paper size setting The multi-feeder paper size setting differs, depending on how the multi-feeder is used. Overview The primary locations where paper jams occur in this machine are as shown below.

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Canon GP160

The BAT1 of the main cannon cannot be replaced as a single unit. Based on the scanning lamps drive signal LMPONwhich is output from the scanning lamp lighting control IC IC38the inverter PCB drive circuit comes into operation, causing 24V to be supplied to the scanning lamp via the scanning lamp lighting circuit.

Error, copy management SW No. If the ID does not match that of the reception machine, an error code will be displayed.

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Below is an example and an explanation of how to use it. Function Bit setting 1 0 0 Add paper indicator judgment conditions No paper in one location No paper of the same canln 1 Multi-feeder at time of add paper judgment Do not include Include in in judgment judgment conditions conditions 2 Reserved 3 Reserved 4 Reserved 5 Reserved 6 Reserved 7 Reserved Table [Bit 0] Selects add paper judgment conditions.


When the paper roller rotates, the cams are also made to rotate, causing the lifter plate to rise, and the paper set in the multi-feeder comes into contact with multi-feeder pick-up roller. There is a danger of laser radiation leakage from inside this cover.

Accordingly, if the main unit has not been equipped with a fax function, it is not necessary to change the JP1 to the ON position. If the cartridge is shaken in a manner other than that described above, there is pck danger that toner may leak from the developing assembly and cleaning assembly. If paper still does not arrive at the sensor after the stipulated amount of time has passed, it is judged a paper leading edge sensor delay jam has occurred. Inserts a pause in the telephone number.

Rotation of the fixing pressure roller causes the ;cl roller to also rotate, and any clumps of toner which may have adhered to the surface of the pressure roller are thereby removed. Indicates setting is 1. During printing, the heater surface temperature setting is based on the following five conditions: Never throw the toner into fire – there is a danger of explosion.

Canon GP Toner Cartridge Black AAA –

FREQ [1] – canonn – [7] In order to prevent this, the Re-charge eliminator is located before the fixing step. In this situation, the information stored in the control memory has been erased, and so printing out is not possible.

If the feeder unit is installed after the DC controller PCB, there is the possibility that the high-voltage contact pins will become deformed. There are two service-use print patterns.

Is the trouble resolved when the laser scanner unit is replaced? When a D-RAM test is performed, the image data saved in the image memory are cleared. Add your own review. Do not place the unit near a fire source, very dusty location, in a location where ammonia gas may occur, or in direct sunlight.


Also, cnon cartridge contains toner, so please provide customers with adequate explanations of storage and handling methods, and advise them to always store the cartridge in a storage bag. Fixer wraparound jam It is judged there is a fixer wraparound jam if paper has wrapped around the fixer, causing the delivery sensor to turn OFF within 1. Torque limiter Multifeeder separation pad Separation pad pressure spring 2.

Canon GP160 Toner Cartridge Black 1500A003AA

When the cassette is inserted into the main unit while the paper lifting plate is in the locked position, the lock is automatically released.

The unit must be connected independently to an electrical outlet which provides the rated power supply. Shading correction takes place at the following times: Bit setting Function 1 0 0 Setting g1p60 1 Completion tone when receiving from memory Ring Do not ring 2 Receiving print completion tone Ring Do not ring 3 Setting prohibited hp160 Setting prohibited 5 Setting prohibited 6 Setting prohibited 7 Setting prohibited Table [Bit 1] Sets whether or not to ring the completion tone when receiving is finished when receiving from memory.

Their adjustments require a greater degree of accuracy and must not be touched during field service. Genuine Canon toners such as GP toners are designed specifically to match the technology of Canon machines aiding the smooth running of every stage in the Printing Process. The ID setting is set cann the SW08 bit switch 8.