PIC gear from Dontronics. When a “1” Mark bit is transmitted, the transmitter is switched off and the termination resistors pull the line to the “1” “recessive” state. Search Forums Recent Posts. I have pumped so much data through the serial port under all 32 bit versions of Windows on all sorts of computers in Australia and overseas with total success. Paul Reply Start a New Thread.

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I am also guessing that the supplied driver does not retrieve that data if it is not requested by an application. I thought the 1ms interrupt happened on NT as well, but I’m a Unix guy Its always a potential problem. If so is there an easy work around?

At least in some old modem system for which RS was originally designedthe DTE computer raises the RTS signal to advertise that it has something to send. Apr 16, 2. Other possibilities would be RS and RS You want a build and walk away solution.


RS232 or USB to RS485

Apr 20, That’s what the Windows driver guys I know told me. I think the use of a circular buffer in the driver may solve the problem. Apr 18, 8.

Reply Start a New Thread. I am guessing it is the device as the RX led stops blinking. The latter issue seems to occur in any USB convertor that I have used. Apr 19, 9. Usb to driver problem. The Embedded Systems Experts http: After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.

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The serial card is fantastically solid under all versions of Windows. I can work around that in my code, but I would prefer not to. With the FTDI chip, if to much data is received the device or the driver appears to hang. Sure, it sucks, but that’s how you have dontronic do it when you’ve got a crippled UART. I did note some info on the FTDI site that may be useful, but have not really looked into it a great deal. What I have found is that if I try re-opening the com port straight away then the second time is successful.


serila Apr 16, 1. Protecting the IoT with Invisible Keys. It’s not that simple, you can’t do full-duplex on RS I was hoping that someone else may have seen these problems before.

Apr 16, 3. As Paul K wrote below: On Wed, 11 Feb You don’t have control, and so you are subject to a risk – and risk management is engineering. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Whilst being a fairly good device, I still eontronics found a few problems which others may have experienced. Create free account Forgot password? This works quite well for short lines a few meters at moderate speeds.