Use the front of the template to mark the attachment points on the front of the rack enclosure for mounting brackets, rails, components, or clip nuts. Install the two slide-on clip nuts 3. Each tape drive in the library and the library controller is a separate SCSI target. Set the mailslot optional. Slide the library into the rack enclosure until the rail locks are engaged. Pass-through mechanism interface controller 4.

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Change the default passwords optional. Accessory PCI slots 2 8. For best performance, do not attach more than two drives per bus. Push back the tabs on the top of the template and place them in the holes of the mounting rails. Leave the rear rail screws finger tight to prevent binding when installing the library.

Two-drive libraries require four retaining screws; four-drive libraries require two retaining screws.

Remove and discard the pull-tabs used to block the latch mechanism when closing the doors. HP technical support and phone numbers: Send us a list with the hardware you have and we will send you an offer by mail. MSL series tape seriex For 4-drive libraries, the left power receptacle goes with the bottom power supply and the right power receptacle goes with the top power supply. Accessory kit contents may vary by product. Secure the front panel to the rack enclosure using the retaining screws and then close the doors.


Pass-through mechanism interface controller 4. We have most of the tape drives and tape libraries in stock.

Al meer dan 15 jaar is Frontier Computer Corp. In dit tijdsbestek specialiseerde FrontierBV zich o. What is tier storage?

Ensure that the cooling grills at the front and the fans at the rear are not obstructed. LTO Tape information Lto.

For Windows servers, power on the library before powering on the server.

HP StorageWorks MSL Series Tape Library With 2 X SDLT Drives | eBay

HP recommends that the robot and drive 0 be attached to host bus 0. See the documentation provided with your rack enclosure for detailed installation instructions. Install the two slide-on sries nuts 3. Remove the tape securing the library doors in place. When the library is fully extended, ensure that the rack enclosure does not overbalance. Use the template shipped with the library to mark the rack with the attachment locations mxl6000 the mounting hardware.


Match up the hole pattern printed on the sides of the template with the hole pattern in the mounting rails. Use the GUI touch screen to change any of the factory defaults.

Inspect the contents of the kit: Please also look at LTO Roadmap. We have it in stock and it is immediately employable. A maximum of one tape drive per bus is recommended for Ultrium and tape drives.

HP StorageWorks MSL6000 Series Tape Library With 2 X SDLT 600 Drives

BV onderdeel van Frontier Computer Corp. Repair We inspect and maintain your tape drives and libraries. And if not, we can find it for you.