Customer support is then limited to the individual component vendors on a do-it-yourself rig. I would recommend another exhaust fan for this rig on the top to pull out the hot air from the GPU. The case is set up very nicely in the front, the hidden compartment has tons of cables jumbled around. Top rated Most recent Top rated. In the last week I’ve spent so much time researching computer components that I decided to just build my own one more time, and when I realized how huge my mark up was it really did make even more sense.

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I know how to build my own pc, but time is my most precious commodity. Also keyboard and mouse are pretty fragile mouse broke during shipping. There are probably other methods, but this one worked.

Mid-day price spike? : iBUYPOWER

Other wise the ibuypowwer air is being sucked straight into the CPU water cooler and seams to slow down it’s cooling power. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

They went on to say its not just me but anyone that bought from a reseller and has a open service ticket cannot get a RMA. Its not a deal breaker since you never look at that. Add to Wish List. I offered to pay for the pump in advance and then get a credit once they get their RMA situation solved systrm they said they can’t do this either. But like I said There’s nothing inherently wrong with doing a system review looking at one specific configuration, but when you consider that components often change after a couple months or even weeksfocusing on the final performance is almost meaningless.


The packaged mouse plugged into the regular USB ports was sketchy maybe needed a mouse pad? Still unsure of what I am doing and will probably be in the dark until Friday as Cyberpower and IBP still are playing around with releasing their final black friday sales.

Puget Systems and iBUYPOWER: two sides of the system integrator coin

Now as I have gotten a little older and a little more financially mature I realize there are some great prebuilts on the market including this one. The cost cutting seems to come from the brand choice of the internals. On top of that, throw in all of the accessories speakers, keyboard, mouse, display, etc.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. I’m very glad I went with this PC. It was set to turn off to save obuypower, so it would constantly turn off. Dell could not beat this price with this processor and video card. If iPower reads this, please consider adding this exhaust fan for future builds.

Received a manual RMA as they were still having issues. Through Reddit, we hope to offer an extension of that service and support to the community, in a forum where customers can easily reach out to us.

See All Buying Options. Would recommend them highly. Heard good things and I couldn’t build it for cheaper, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Either way it’s nice to know that there’s a whole crew of people to support me regardless of my decision.


Customer reviews

This page was last edited on 30 Septemberat Comparable build parts overall – Ibuuypower the case Abse want as there is no optical drive port. Pudget definately isn’t the cheapest, and they don’t offer every component known to man, but if you’re in the market for a team of people that will take the time to do the job right, and provide quality human interaction the whole way through the process they may be a very good choice. Most of our component reviews are now focusing on those areas, though of course we continue to look at overall performance as well, and it makes sense for system reviews to take a similar approach.

Best machine for the price!!!

I am planning to keep this PC for a long time hase as few upgrades as possible. This included some hardware shipping delays, swapping of memory, OS choices xp64, then Vista 64 swapping the motherboard, and eventually solving the problem with a Bios update. So, if you want a good gaming system with a warranty and you value your time, this PC is a pretty great deal. I stumbled accross gase quite by accident last month after my work machine melted down